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SFS is currently seeking suitable candidates to employ in the following capacity.

1. Blogger

Get paid promoting SFS in your writing (NOT boastfully but, naturally I mean). All you have to do is to start publishing guest posts on related topics while skillfully promoting the SFS site in those posts. Publish your post on a suitable blog of your choice. If you have already written such topics in the past, you may edit them, rewrite them to promote the SFS site, and you will be compensated per post.

The Higher the quality of your article(s) and the sites where you published them, the better your compensation. It doesn’t matter whether the site is free or not. However, you should not published more than one article per site.

– No review of your article is required prior to publication; least writers believe their work might be stolen in the process.

– No review of the site is necessary before publication; least you believe we might go behind your back to publish a guest post there without your knowledge.

*If the quality of the website where you publish the guest post falls below our expectations, we will still pay you a quarter (1/4) of the agreed cost. Subsequently, the post will be deleted.

*If we find the quality of your article lacking, we will pay you 100% of the agreed cost after you’ve edited it as advised. If editing is not feasible, we will pay you only a quarter of the agreed amount.

*If both the guest post and the site are not up to our standards, no payment will be issued.

In general, you cannot go wrong if your post is related to adult topics, well-written, and published on any site older than one year with a DA25 or higher.

If you don’t mind, we can talk about site/content quality even before you begin or at any point of your progress.

Let me know on Telegram @godman_andrew


2. Affiliate

Do you know of a decent sex-worker who could do well with more popularity? If Yes, why not become a SFS Associate?


SFS Associate is the referral program that’s run by StrangersForSex LLC for Nigerians to popularize the mission of the SFS in other to attracts more qualified sex-workers to register an account on the SFS site:

To join the program

  1. First, know what SFS is about.
  2. No registration is required, simply email the referral coordinator at SFS your phone number and ask for your unique referral ID that will make you a SFS Associate.

After success in obtaining your referral ID

  • Start introducing SFS to your friends who are sex-workers and get them to register an account on the SFS site for a thousand naira airtime-commission per registered referral.
  • When a sex-worker you have introduced SFS to have agreed to register, provide her with your unique referral ID that she might enter it where it’s been asked on the SFS sex-worker registration form.
  • Upon acceptance of a referrer application to join SFS, the referral would be credited within the same hour.

SFS Referral Commissions:
N1,000 per regular escort.
N2,000 per lactating mom.
N5,000 per pregnant escort.

We can wire commission to your account if you don’t need airtime and if you have email us your account details (acct. number and bank name) instead.

Try us with one decent sex-worker you know anywhere in the world and come back here to comment your experience.

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