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This is all escorts on SFS including escorts that are part of the SFS-EA (StrangersForSex Escort Agency) where premium escorts of this website are domiciled and most of them (premium) cannot be contacted without proof of seriousness.

Premium escorts here have all been KYC (verified) and they’re using their real pics but, they are manage by the SFS PIMP Dept as PREMIUM ESCORTS DO NOT APPRECIATE UNNECESSARY CALLS FROM JUST ANY VISITOR to their profile like the INDEPENDENT ESCORTS WOULD TOLERATE.

If you must hookup with any of these premium escorts please, ensure that you can afford at least 1hour of his/her time then,

Pay $10 to ServiceCom account (UBA: 2041373699) to demonstrate credibility/seriousness/readiness. After payment, use the contact button on the escort page to reach out to the PIMP.

The PIMP/MADAME incharge of the escort would then email you her phone number as well as (if you want) aid arrange your meeting afterwards.

If you hookup with the escort within 3days, the $10 would add-up (i.e. a $10 deduction from her charges), else it is NOT refundable.

On SFS $1 = N500