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This escort is more mature than picture here and I like mature. She was serious with me and sweet. I want to recemmend her guys

  added by  Ki... for  Funsize on 18 October 2021


I will not forget this escort. She’s tall, slim, sexy and funny. I recommend Funsize. Money lover though😉 but joy giver too👌🏻

  added by  Nw... for  Vital on 18 October 2021

 4 ,  1 today

How I wish you outcall… but I still get you for mind sha whenever I enter Cali

  added by  Bi... for  Vital on 18 October 2021


She’s real, petite and sweet down there. It was nice meeting her.

  added by  Ja... for  Mila on 01 October 2021


Neat💯, elegant bae👍🏽

  added by  To... for  Bella on 01 October 2021


Reputation well earned, I didn’t find fault in her BJ skills nor ridding. My best so far in Uyo…I recommend.

  added by  Ro... for  Kemi on 01 October 2021


Sweet and interesting…

  added by  Ud... for  Bella on 24 September 2021


I had a good short-time time with this escort in Uyo. She was very considerate and well mannered. I could touch her as I want, feel her and enjoy myself. If I had more I would have given all to her. Thanks dear.

  added by  Me... for  Deer on 20 September 2021


Time waster. ServiceCom had to issue me a refund same day because she was suppose to be available for hookup as a Premium escort, only for her to give a negative response after much anticipation.

Guys, you better ask first if the escort is available for hookup before you commit to ServiceCom because, even though your funds is safe, a negative response doesn’t worth your time unless there’s another escort that catches your interest, which wasn’t the case with me as there’re very few escorts here.

  added by  Ma... for  Bella on 19 September 2021


Bella is the best escort ever. First after I put a call across to her, she was in my hotel room in less than 15 minutes. So clean, calm and playful. The blow job was out of this world. Don’t wanna say how she rode on me. She fucks and make you feel she’s a girlfriend. Can’t wait to be back to Uyo by weekend.

  added by  Su... for  Bella on 19 September 2021


Nothing special but na the second time wey I don chop am two times because that her breast soft well well and the wey them breast nipples be self, I like am.

Her body soft die, get wet pussy, small voice too, everything dey as ebi for here, I like her smell to, but nothing special but I fit wan chop am again if I want.

  added by  Jo... for  Bella on 19 September 2021


1000%+REAL. The best escort I’ve had in the South, very good Calabar chick were sabi am. Very timely, sweet and professional. Thanks dear, you worth all of my penny and more, we will definitely do it again…

  added by  Pe... for  Sunshine on 17 September 2021


Though she’s a bit older than pics here but, I like am. She’s patience, knows how to treat a client and she allowed me to suck her until she self cum. She’s also a good conversationalist with good English accent.

I missed you dear… na Peter for Eket. I see say them don come scatter una place, but no wahala, we go still the connect for Uyo.

  added by  Ja... for  Nikita on 17 September 2021


Her anal is on point. She sure knows how to receive it from the ass and doesn’t complain. She has nice boobs also but I haven’t fucked her pussy, so I cannot comment on that.

  added by  Ja... for  Eno Ekpor on 10 September 2021


You are a perfect description of beauty and I am in love with all of you. Can I get in contact with you? I will be delighted in between…

  added by  Ya... for  Bella on 04 September 2021


Una neva want talk how ebi for una wey don chop this girl mak I knw weda na 2 empty my acct follow come taste am, her breast too fine I feel like to touch am sef. I hope say na beta person u be o

  added by  Es... for  Splash💦 on 01 September 2021


Splash💦 is not available for hookup. Maybe here to sell her videos, but hookup? She will downplay you. 1hour $150 does she know what she’s talking about?

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Damn! This is breathtaking bae. If I just masturbate by mere looking at your nudes and this pretty face. How then would I stand your presence? I love this though; now I’ve got to prepare to see you. Chai!

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Though I’ve not met you bae, but you body is a bomb and I can’t wait to have you for a weekend.

  added by  Te... for  Etimbuk Udo on 22 August 2021


If you value your trade, better published your contact here. No body with money should be stress by the PIMP like they did me to get to you.

I swear, if you didn’t worth it. I’d given both the agency and you the worst review you would ever get in this biz.

Thanks the spirit, you are young and real – at least it worth it.