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That’s why subscribers get more hookup than non-subscribers.

Please follow the instructions below to upgrade your profile:

VIP Upgrade

A VIP escort can login, cover her face on pics and delete account at will.

Upgrade now ($10/year)


Featured Upgrade

A featured escort appear on slider on all pages.

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Premium Upgrade

A premium escort appear at the top of all searches and front-page.

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Verification (Important)

Many escorts on SFS under an agency have not been verified by SFS, even if they have verified status on their respective agent websites; they still have to be verified on SFS for real pics and for quality assurrance purposes.

If you see yourself on SFS, but the profile is not verified (no verification badge on it) that means, you were added to SFS by an agent. There’s no need to register again on SFS by yourself.

If you like the profile, simply verify it so that you can buy featured or premium status whenever you want in other to appear on slider or the front page.

To continue with your profile verification, click on ‘verify now’, fill the verification form with appropriate information, upload your verification photo and submit.

Verify now (free)

After you are verified, you can request changes to your profile as follows:

1. To change your pics, click here
2. To change your rates, bio, shout-out, any other information, click here

Why should you verify your profile?

Because even though you have verified status on your agent website, SFS do not believe it for quality assurance purposes; and until SFS verified you, you cannot buy featured, premium or VIP. That’s you would not be featured on SFS if you are not verified.

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