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This page in a nutshell

  1. Never give out your phone number to a stranger – give your SFS username instead so that you would have a chat history to fallback should anything go wrong
  2. Never agree to a home-service (use a known public guest house instead)
  3. Everyone involved should take a shower few minutes before an adult service
  4. If an adult service would involved penetration-sex, every male involved should used a condom
  5. If an adult service would involved the mouth, everyone involved should rinse their mouth again in each others presence even if they’ve brush previously. Please don’t use toothbrush especially hard ones to avoid cum injuries.
  6. You may lick four Vitamin C supplement prior to an adult service  to aid healing in case of an injury. And if you feel body pains after an adult act, you might take two paracetamol , but if pains persist, visit a medical doctor.

Please be civil with your match as SFS might be required by a subpoena  to assist the law enforcement on unlawful matters arising as a result of your conduct with one another.

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