SFS Mandatory Membership Requirements

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You are here because, you are not login on SFS

If you are not registered, there are two ways to join SFS:

  1. THE KYC WAY (FREE and recommended for Escorts, Clients, Escort Agencies and Escorts by an Agency)
  2. SFS is committed to registering ONLY real and reasonable people/angencies thus, SFS requires ID/photo verification and the use of real pics throughout the SFS site by KYC Escorts.

    KYC clients are to comply with this requirements for quality assurrance purposes, but their submission is for formality as their profiles are generally not viewable by other members.

    An agency shall submit her license in addition to these KYC requirements.

    This is an example (verification photo)


    Proceed as a

    Call Girl/Boy (independent escort)
    Client (customer)
    PIMP (agency)

    Refer & earn

  3. THE VIP WAY ($10/individual, $50/agency)

SFS is committed to registering ONLY credible anonymous/unlicensed agency so, SFS requires a one-time anonymous fee of $10 ($50 for an agent), a username and a working email address only from VIPs.


Proceed to payment and registration as a VIP

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