More Information on Membership Requirements

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Because all our members are duly verified and are using their real photographs, to see their profile and photos in full, including their charges and more – you too must show them your face (you have to be registered)


Per our definition, a real person is one that meets and abide with the SFS MMR, which are:


  1. You are free to use a pseudonym (fake name) as your SFS username but, you MUST use your real-self photographs everywhere on SFS and leave them visible for viewing by any potential clients/escort of yours. 

  2. You can lie about your age on SFS but, you MUST provide the registrar at SFS with your government issued ID (birth certificate, drivers license or voters card) to verify that you are at least 18. But if your ID is out-of-reach and your looks is matured enough to convince the registrar that you are an adult, you may upload again your verification photo where ID is required on the registration form.

    This is a WhatsApp screenshot of one of SFS Associates. The shot continues below:

    The screenshot ends.

    This is one of the photos Annie filed to join SFS with, yet she claimed to be 4.5ft (Who doesn’t know the estimated height of that vehicle behind her; how could she be less?). Again, how could someone this thin weight 85kg (188lbs)?

    Stuffs like this makes the SFS Registrar to wonder: what else she’s lying to us about and perhaps to our clients if accepted; her age?(looks can be deceiving, she could be under 18 claiming adult and coming to make fun of the adults on SFS), so please provide us with a means to verify your information. It’s not that it is convenient for anyone, but it MUST be done for the benefit of everyone!

  3. We cannot verify your ID if you don’t provide us with your real name – you have to.


How about being real but unreasonable?

Well, these are conspiracy theorists, who probably believes that Mary Blackwood (the SFS Registrar) or the SFS LLC could somehow use their ID or another personal information for personal gain other than verified their identity to join SFS.

But when we asked these individuals to proof to us or at least give an example of a damaged that resulted from someone sharing her drivers license or voters card for a verification purposes online they stopped responding us, thus we could not learn from these individuals nor reason with them and SFS is NOT for conspiracy theorists, copyright violators and people who feel insecure about who they are.


There are two ways to join SFS:

  1. The KYC Way (FREE and recommended)
  2. SFS requires ID/photo verification and the use of real pics throughout the SFS site by KYC members
    So, you must:

    • Subject yourself to ID verification conducted by the SFS Registry.
    • Agree to use your real photographs (without hiding your face) on SFS and keep them viewable in perpetuity.
    • A verification photo that clearly shows your face and shoulders is MANDATORY.
    • This is an example (verification photo)



    Proceed as

    [button url=”” size=”large” color=”secondary”]A Call Girl or Boy (escort)[/button] 

    [button url=”” size=”medium” color=”primary”]Client (customer)[/button] 

    Refer & earn


  3. The VIP Way ($10)

SFS requires only a username and a working email address from VIPs.

  • they MUST NOT upload someone else photos to their SFS profile as their own (copyright violation is Not Allowed on SFS, instead cover your face or don’t upload any pics).
  • they may upload their pics to SFS with a facade (VIPs can cover their face, but leave the rest of your body visible).
  • they are not required to upload any pics to SFS, but MUST reveal self on video-call to their someone of interest from SFS.



[button url=”” size=”small” color=”secondary”]Proceed to payment and registration as a VIP[/button]

[button url=”” size=”small” color=”secondary”]Why Joined SFS?[/button] 

[button url=”” size=”small” color=”primary”]SFS Global Escort Cost Advisory Table (coming soon!)[/button] 



More Matters Arising For ID Verification

But even on x-website which I considered a high-class dating/hookup website (because I saw white-men there) don’t asked to be verified before joining, why SFS?

It’s probably because:

  1. x-website you know is NOT a online brothel – SFS is.
  2. x-website probably charges for membership almost immediately so, the more people x-website let-in quickly, the better for x-website even if it’s just $1 for their trial. But, SFS is Free until it works for you.
    SMS screenshot

    A lame excuse is a fake escort facade. They would expect you to procure them some clients with real money, but they cannot use their real identity to hustle – who does that?

    Clearly everyone has their place, and SFS is but for real escorts/clients.

Why are there only [sbs_users] registered strangers on SFS, whereas y-website I know has millions (Wouldn’t the most popular hookup site be the best)?

That’s probably because:

  1. Y-website you know have existed many years longer than SFS, but that doesn’t means that y-website is better in every aspect than SFS. Large hookup sites / apps have advantages and disadvantages. While small hookup sites may not have as many other users to contact, larger hookup sites will present a lot of competition. Think about it. Why should someone choose to contact you over everyone else? And, if they do contact you, have they just sent out the same message to hundreds of other users as well?
    Also, larger sites tend to target the general mainstream and sometimes off-niche, so if you are interested in a more specific niche, smaller sites with great control over their niche like SFS will usually be a better option.
  2. If y-website is just starting-out but it has accumulated hundreds of thousands already, then registration must be expressed on y-website. Whereas SFS uses assisted-registration methods to enforce their KYC policy.
  3. NOT every profile on y-website is real. Many profiles on y-website may have been registered by y-website admins in other to display a high social-proof that would attract most people to register when they have seen that many have already registered. But then you would register and probably subscribed to their paid membership but won’t find real value for your membership. A chat bot or the admins could used some of the false account to be sending you chats to spark your interest, but that’s all you might get – not a real hookup that could be experience on sites like SFS, which is less than six months old.



Do not register on SFS IF you are NOT comfortable with using your real photographs (that’s insecurity).

Don’t register with the notion of changing your real photos to something else after acceptance (it’s copyright violation using photos that are not yours) or make your own photos not viewable without us knowing – the SFS Quality Assurance AI is always online, once reported your profile would be suspended forever without notice.

SFS wants people that are free with themselves to register, those that are happy about who they are in life should register. At SFS, the only real thing about our members are their photographs, which as of May 16, 2021 are longer viewable to guest users, owing to feedback from our members. What’s there again to be scared of?

If you changed your mind after you joined SFS, you have a right-to-vanish, simply email ‘Delete my account’ to
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