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This help page is a how-to guide.
It details processes or procedures of some aspect(s) of StrangersForSex’s (SFS’) norms and practices. It is not one of SFS policies or guidelines, as it has not been thoroughly vetted by the community.

This is a quick overview of Password Reset. Full detail can be found in Help:Troubleshooting login.

A password is a string of character that’s chosen/generated by an account creator during account creation. Together with a username which is often visible to the public or an email address that’s attached to an account, a password enables access to a users account and should be kept secret, else anyone can gained an unauthorized access to anyone account.

At StrangersForSex, intended users are not allowed to register an account at will, in other to maintain the highest standard. They must request an account from a registration officer who would first put them through identity verification and only when an applicant have pass her verification would the officer register her on SFS. Therefore, it is recommended to change your password as soon as you received the notification of being registered.

To do that, follow these steps:


STEP TWO – Click on ‘login’ (as indicated)

STEP THREE – Click on padlock (as indicated)

STEP FOUR – Enter you email and click ‘Reset password’

That’s all.

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