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This help page is a how-to guide.
It details processes or procedures of some aspect(s) of SFS’ norms and practices. It is not one of SFS policies or guidelines, as it has not been thoroughly vetted by the community.

This is a quick overview on getting started. Full detail can be found in Help:Onboarding.

Registration is a process of filing for membership wherever such is required. SFS required that any adult can be registered on the website in other to access all of SFS features. However, SFS does not allowed self-service registration in order to prevent minors, bots and fake profile from constituting noise to the SFS users. Moreover, SFS must comply with the KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy, which helps safeguard every user of the SFS site.

To register on SFS for the first time, you must be willing to undergo SFS assisted registration process by providing the account officer at SFS with the following registration requirements:

But, why provided all that information? I mean, most other hookup/dating websites would only ask for your username, password and maybe a phone number

That’s because:

  • SFS IS NOT a dating website.
  • We don’t want minors to register account on SFS.
  • We believe that a real person should be behind each SFS profile, whose picture is on that profile.
  • We know that assault or harm is less likely to come from people who have subjected themselves to a KYC
  • We believe and rely largely on preventive and deterrence techniques to protect all our users globally.

So, here’s our explanation to:

  1. Why username?
  2. You are asked to provide a username that’s currently not being use on SFS so that anyone at a glance can distinguish your SFS account from another.

  3. Why full name?
  4. We believe that a real person should be behind each SFS profile, a SFS account administrator needs to see that your full name correlates with the name on a government issued ID. But you can use anything (a pseudonym) as a username which would be visible to everyone on the SFS site.

    Your full/real name is a NPI, which means it will Not show on your SFS profile. The only thing that MUST be real about you on SFS is your photographs – every other thing is detail that’s kept at the SFS Registry for information integrity purposes.

    If you are a pornstar or already in the adult public domain, you are more than qualified to join SFS.

  5. Why email address?
  6. We required your email address to sent you notifications about your SFS account, such as login, password reset request, new user message…

    If possible, create a new email address for your SFS account only because, if accepted you would be automatically opt-into New User Registration on SFS Notification, that you might be aware of every opportunity to be the first to fuck a new commer to SFS. Soon, we will make it possible to tailor this notification to your needs and locality; you can opt-out/in of it by sending a request to

  7. Why phone number?
  8. SFS requires your phone to verify your location in the world, but more importantly, to reach you in an emergency situations, such as: to notify you about a valid subpoena in your name that might be requesting your non-public information or to confirmed your request to vanished.

  9. Why password?
  10. Of-course you need a password so that only you is allowed accessed to your account after it’s setup. If you need a two-factor in addition to having a password, you may request it to be added to your account at:

  11. Why Gender?
  12. It is important that we identify you with your gender so that other users can make their choose, also, our search algorithm rely on your gender to provide our users with relevant results.

  13. Why know who I seek?
  14. The gender you seek is required by the SFS software to understand your profile and list it among relevant results in search. Moreover, before viewing your photographs, our users rely largely on your gender information to make a well informed choice on whether to check-you-out or not.

  15. Why country of resident?
  16. It is required by the SFS software for information classification and search purposes.

  17. Why state/province?
  18. It is required by the SFS software for information classification and search purposes.

  19. Why city?
  20. It is required by the SFS software for information classification and search purposes.

  21. Why date of birth?
  22. It is required by the SFS software to update your age every year. Besides, we might want to be part of your birthday celebrations 🎉

    Your birthday is a NPI, which means it would Not show on your profile but your age would.

  23. Why age?
  24. This information is desirable by a significant minority of our users to make a well informed choice of who to fuck and for the SFS software search algorithm to output an even meaningful results to our users.

    But if you don’t want to publish your real age, you should Not be on SFS. We don’t allowed any positive age allowance on SFS. This is to prevent minors.

  25. Why photographs?
  26. ‘Seeing is believing’, people like what the see and more importantly, men wants to see more of what they see and so does women. So, you are expected to depict your physique on SFS as you are in reality.

    Your real photographs is the most important requirements on SFS and it is a PI, which means any visitors to SFS can view you.

    So, to ensure it’s you, we required that you have someone take a photo of you holding a plain-sheet that says: “SFS, this is me” (written in ball pen) and upload it on the ‘Verify your ID’ field of the ‘SFS New User Registration Form’ or sent it to

    But if you think you are not beautiful or handsome enough to be on SFS, then you should not be on SFS because, we don’t want anyone to meet a ugly person than the picture they found-out on SFS, so we need to see your real photos and they must be visible on the SFS site for anyone that’s interested in you. No one wears a mask to even a local brothel. And most assuredly I say to you that, people visiting a physical brothel approaches each sex-worker based on her looks – people still choose even in a brothel.

    Moreover, our KYC policy required that we know you, as you know us (isn’t our founder and management names and photographs visible on our about page; why shouldn’t yours?).

    Believe it or not, all these trouble is for your sake, safety and benefit. While we hope that no serious disagreements arise involving you in connection to your use of the SFS site, but, in the event there is a dispute, you would be grateful that everyone was KYC. And unless you have a ulterior motive in connection to your use of the SFS sites, then SFS is NOT for people like you.

    WE ARE REALLY NOT QUITE SURE WHY THE WHOLE REAL-PICTURE OF A THING IS KIND-OF-A-BIG-DEAL. I mean… there are million of pictures of people who portrays adult works online and whom perhaps you would infringe on their copyright by pretending to be them if giving the opportunity here on SFS. But have you not reasoned that those are real photographs of real people like yourself trading sex under a pseudonym like we have advised you above. These people have their real photos everywhere in other to portray Originality, which is what SFS stands for. And Not that they don’t think of changing endeavours in the future and perhaps gets married – most do. But, aren’t there rumours that Melania Trump was once a sex-worker or a adult model? Does it matter now? Who really cares about your past so-far you are straight with people in the present?

  27. Why Bio (biography)?
  28. A summary of your bio is required to stand next to your profile photo on SFS as an introduction to you. It should not exceed 50 words. Here’s an example:

    Mercy Henry (born December 7, 2000) is a Nigerian prostitute and founder ‘Mercy Couture’. She enjoys entertaining strangers sexually with her tight pussy and erect boobs; making everyone of her patronage feels like a king is her priority.

  29. Why services listing?
  30. A list of adult services you provide or would like to provide is required for display to those interested in you. You could tag each with a cost if you want, but be very specific. Here’s an example:

    Escort service only, Missionary sex only, Romance only, cunnilingus, felatio, mastubation, webcaming…

  31. Why Cost Per Hour (CPH)?
  32. Your CPH would help to encourage everyone visiting SFS and interested in you to open a chat. To this light, we suggest N5,000/hour for traditional sex for most Nigerians, but you’re welcome to speak your mind.

    This is now a public information on SFS because, we had enough consensus for it to be made public.

    Matters arising regarding CPH

    In one of our outreach exercise, we wrote a sex worker the following shortly after a cold-call:

    The link is:

    It’s about a month old.

    Let me know why you don’t like it or if you like it – there’s no harm in trying.

    Membership is free and the site is straightforward.

    Shortly, we got a reply from her:

    It’s nice, I won’t register but my friend Will

    The admin decided to learn more from this bright woman and downloaded WhatsApp for that purpose:

    I just downloaded WhatsApp to learn why you won’t register.

    Not up to your standards?

    She replied the chat:

    “Not really but I don’t feel alright going on different platforms besides I saw you guys gave recommendations for 5k.

    I charge high though cause I work exclusively”

    Admin replied:

    “But going on as many platforms as possible gives you more reach to potential customers. I mean, if you don’t get a call from one platform for days you could get from the other.

    And regarding our cost per hour recommendation. We want to have all classes of sex-workers on SFS to satisfy any classes of our clients. Like everything in life, there are rich, middle as well as poor people, but all of these people are living Life.

    Likewise, there are cheap sex-workers on SFS like Gift and very expensive ones like Sunshine or Christy and mid-classes like Gladys.

    It’s your trade, you decide your cost because, where iPhones are sold for example other cheap phones could also be sold there, but the buyer who knows what s/he wants chooses accordingly, that’s why we have said that you are free to speak your mind on your cost per hour.

    Did I make any sense?”

    The sex-worker reply:


    I’ll check it out tomorrow morning.

  33. Why verify my ID?
  34. Because we want to ensure that you are you. We want to ensure that only real and serious minded adults are on SFS, and a ID verification helps us to ensure that. Nothing else. We don’t use your ID for anything else other than verify that you are you. And once you are verified or failed verification, we discard your ID on our systems, we don’t keep it because we now know that a real person is behind that SFS account.

    We accept your government issued ID card (NIN slip or SSN), voters card, drivers license or the data page if your international passport.

  35. Why Referrer ID?
  36. If someone referred you to register on SFS, the person is expecting a token of reward from us. That means, s/he must have given you a referer ID to enter here for her to receive her reward from us. Please insert that strings where it’s required on the on the form.

    That’s all.

    If everything went well, you would received a welcome email within 12hours, else you would receive a query.

    If you are concerned about how we will handle your data, please see our privacy policy and terms.

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